Rust Never Sleeps: Tonic with Lucio Franco

Rust Never Sleeps: Tonic with Lucio Franco

"This is a huge problem in the corporate world with open source. It's like a fog of war, they don't see far enough down the software supply chain of what's powering everything."

Tonic is a native gRPC implementation in Rust that allows users to easily build gRPC servers and clients without extensive async experience. Tonic is part of the Tokio stack, which is a library that provides an asynchronous runtime for Rust and more tools to write async applications. Today, Lucio Franco of Turso joins the podcast to discuss his unique experience maintaining Tonic and contributing to the asynchronous Rust ecosystem.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The challenges of async Rust and ways the community has addressed them

  • Lucio’s plan on how to get a job in distributed databases

  • How the Tokio team avoided power dynamics

  • Problems around working on open-source in the corporate world

  • Why Lucio encouraged a collaborator to go on without him 



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