Oxygen Deprivation: FerretDB with Peter Farkas

Oxygen Deprivation: FerretDB with Peter Farkas

"Open-source is about getting rid of vendor lock-in, about giving choice to the user. And we want to make that happen by creating the open standard and by collaborating."

FerretDB enables users to run MongoDB applications on existing Postgres infrastructure. Peter Farkas (@FarkasP), co-founder and CEO of FerretDB, explains the need for an open source interface for document databases. Peter also discusses the licensing change of MongoDB and the uncertainty it created for users. He emphasizes the importance of open standards and collaboration among MongoDB alternatives to provide users with choice and interoperability. 

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The epic mountain adventure that inspired FerretDB

  • Why commercial open-source can be additive rather than extractive

  • How compatibility and open standards drives innovation and competition

  • PDFs as an example of corporation-supported standards

  • Three tenets for building a successful open source project



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