Open-Source Runtime Security: Falco with Loris Degioanni

Open-Source Runtime Security: Falco with Loris Degioanni

"That's the beauty of open-source: You're not tied to a website domain or even to a tool name. The real value is the community."

Loris Degioanni (@lorisdegio) joins Eric Anderson (@ericmander) to chat about Falco, the open-source runtime security tool for modern cloud infrastructures. Loris is the founder and CTO of Sysdig, and co-creator of Wireshark, the legendary open-source packet analysis tool. Today, Loris talks about all these projects and more - tune in to learn about some deep history and Loris’ predictions for the future.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How Loris began working with Gerald Combs as a student in Italy

  • Why Loris’ teams name their products after animals

  • The new non-profit Wireshark Foundation

  • Parallel development of cloud technology and containers during Loris’ career

  • The little things that make open-source projects go viral


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