Jul 20, 2022 • 28M

Milvus with Frank Liu

"A vector database is really meant to supercharge a lot of the applications where you have huge, enormous quantities of data, and you're not able to analyze all of those effectively."

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Eric Anderson
The origin story behind the best open source projects and communities.
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Eric Anderson (@ericmander) and Frank Liu (@frankzliu) talk about Milvus, the open-source vector database built for scalable similarity search. Vector databases are built to search, index and store embeddings, a requirement for powerful AI applications. to search powerful Frank is Director of Operations at Zilliz, the company that stewards the project. Tune in to find out how Milvus is the database for the AI era. 

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In this episode we discuss:

  • A crash course on embeddings and vector databases

  • Using Milvus for logo search, crypto predictions, drug discovery, and more

  • Other open-source projects at Zilliz that complement Milvus

  • “Embedding Everything”

  • How Milvus incorporates tunable consistency to its search process


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  • Milvus is based on a “shared storage” architecture, not “shared nothing.”